Aromatic & Allied Chemicals have been a pioneer in Farming. Agriculture in India is being practiced since long and has a wide history even mentioned in old literatures. Vedic literature provides some of the earliest written record of agriculture in India. A Rigveda hymns, for example, describes plowing, fallowing, irrigation, fruit and vegetable cultivation. Bhumivargaha, another ancient Indian sanskrit text, suggested to be 2500 years old, classifies agricultural land into twelve categories: urvara (fertile), ushara (barren), maru (desert), aprahata (fallow), shadvala (grassy), pankikala (muddy), jalaprayah (watery), kachchaha (land contiguous to water), sharkara (full of pebbles and pieces of limestone), sharkaravati (sandy), nadimatruka (land watered from a river), and devamatruka (rainfed).

With all of the above rich texts and supports of history, India is still one of the richest agricultural country with largest producer of some of the fruits, spices, herbs, etc. in the world.

Aromatic & Allied Chemicals took this as an opportunity to develop and introduce some of the new crops seeing the richness of land and demand for natural essential oils in perfumery, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and flavour industries. Our Chairman, Late Mr. Brijesh Mittal had developed new crops in Northern India like Jamarosa, the oil of which at that time was widely used in traditional perfumery where a rose note was required. He also developed some of the crops like Lemongrass, Mentha Citrata and was a success.

Now, with a huge experience of crops and farming, Aromatic & Allied Chemicals have their own leased farms and fields in different parts of India where we give full technical support to farmers for different crops to be grown. Farmers are being trained for getting the best results by our well qualified field officers. We assure that farming meets all criteria’s in order to give the best quality Natural Essential Oils and meets our client requirements.



Being into the field of farming and with the continuation of chain and traceability, Aromatic & Allied Chemicals have their well established field distillation units where they get the purest form of Natural Herbal Crops on site during seasons and thus in turn gets the 100% Natural Essential Oils from these units by Steam Distillation.

Also, when required by our clients, these pure herbs are also supplied after being converted into dried form in our ‘Green House Unit’ where we take care of making the dried herbs with utmost care to meet the client specifications, be it moisture, leaves size, weight, volume, etc.

The crude Natural Essential Oil then goes to Aromatic & Allied Chemicals Manufacturing Units which is equipped with fully automated Distillation columns, Fractionation Columns, Filtration Units, Rectors, Mixing Units, Freezers, etc. Here the crude oil is well tested with all parameters in our Research & Development Laboratory as required per company standards. These crude natural essential oils are then supplied to our valued customer as per their requirements and meeting their standards.

Aromatic & Allied Chemicals with its production units make the purest form of Natural Aroma Chemicals and Isolates from these Crude Essential Oils. The height and packing of each column is good enough to give the purest form of each product. We have well qualified engineers handling the production facility. Our team of engineers and chemists in R&D section helps in making the products as required that meets our client specifications.


Aromatic & Allied Chemicals meet the International Standards of Packaging and ensure the delivery of products on time. We understand the importance of time and believe that “your greatest resource is your time” which is always giving a strong confidence and trust developed between us and our clients.

Our export quality packaging is done in UN approved drums, boxes and bottles which are Indian Institute of Packaging Certified ensuring the quality of our products are maintained in these keeping in mind the safety as well. All the labeling on packaging is done as required per product specifications. We make a clear traceability and separation of products that are Organic certified, Dangerous goods, Conventional good that are non-dangerous, etc.

Aromatic & Allied Chemicals ensures that the products reaches clients on time and safely thus have collaboration with some of the best Indian shipping lines, transports and courier companies.